Horseback riding lessons for kids, on your horse or ours

Lessons on Melissa's horses in Northern Virginia for children 5 and older.

Horse and tack provided depending on your needs.

Children's horseback riding lessons with Melissa Smith

Working with horses gives your child unique skills. It builds great work habits, empathy and a deeper love of nature. To give your child a strong start, you need the right teacher and a safe horse.

Start your child’s experience with Melissa Smith, in private horseback riding lessons for children age 5 and up.

If your have a horse or pony between Centreville, VA and Front Royal VA, Melissa will teach at your location.

No horse? No problem. Come to Melissa's horseback riding lesson arena in Warrenton, VA. You’ll meet Ruby and Bonnie, two horses specifically selected for their calm and friendly way with young people.

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Melissa Smith:

Horseback Riding Lessons for Children in Virginia

You and your child will meet with Melissa to determine the riding level that’s just right for your child.

Children's riding lesson highlights  

Level 1: Horse safety and basic riding techniques on the lunge
  • Position
  • Speeds of the walk
  • Posting trot
  • Balance
  • Safety

Level 2: Steering; understanding and using tack
  • Flexing the horse left and right
  • Walk and trot transitions
  • Saddle and bridle parts
  • Footfalls of the walk trot and canter
  • Sitting trot

Level 3: Working with obstacles, riding the canter, and horse care
  • Canter leads
  • Correct rein length
  • Balanced transitions
  • Safety on the trail and with obstacles
  • Using boots and wraps
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Melissa Smith:


My sister and I have been taking lessons from Melissa for many years. She helped me look at several prospective horses, and she found my mare. I couldn't be happier.

Melissa has a talent for understanding what the rider and horse need, and challenges both to be their best. Our experience learning dressage, and groundwork have been excellent. I am looking forward to exploring Working Equitation with her too.

— Julia Morelli
SmartAlex Equestrian